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The 2025 General Election will be on Saturday, May 3, 2025, please see

Freestone County Elections website:

for updates and polling locations. 

Elected Officers of Political Subdivision                 Year Elected Officer’s Term Expires

Mayor-Pellie Goolsby                                                                2025

Councilmember Scott Batts                                                     2025

Councilmember Patrick Evans                                                 2025   



Candidate Eligibility Requirements                            Deadline to File Candidate Application


US Citizens, Qualified Voter; have not been                        First day to file January 15, 2025

determined by a final judgement of a court                         Last day to file February 14, 2025  5:00p.m.

exercising probate jurisdiction to be:

(A) Totally mentally incapacitated; or

(B)Partially mentally incapacitated without the

right to vote; have resided continuously in the

state for 12 months and in the territory from

which the office is elected for six months

immediately preceding the election, 18 years of

age and no felony conviction

Contact the City Secretary, Kasi Wright, at (254)765-3319 with any questions. 

Please Dial 9-1-1​

if Emergency

General Election